Ep. 4: SCHOOL SHOOTINGS - Common Sense W/ Dr. Charles Cole, III

Kids deserve safe schools. We all believe this and we collectively mourn the loss of innocent life in Uvalde, TX as well as from every other mass school shooting in our history. And yet, things only...

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Charter Schools

Ep3: CHARTER SCHOOLS - Common Sense W/ Dr. Charles Cole, III

"Charter Schools Week" recently passed, but the often contentious conversation around charter schools remains. It's time for a common sense take about the publicly-funded, independent schools that...

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How Gen Z Is Saving America - Zooming In W/ Gen Z (ft. John Della Volpe)

In the final episode of Zooming In W/ Gen Z, host Haley Taylor Schlitz sets the table by touching on everything from the pandemic and the ongoing war, to the confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown...

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Ep2: MATH INSTRUCTION — Common Sense W/ Dr. Charles Cole III

We have a math crisis in American public schools. Our failure to provide students with adequate math instruction is holding them back from financial literacy, advanced stem degrees, and the jobs of...

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Ep1: TEACHER STRIKES — Common Sense W/ Dr. Charles Cole III

A new wave of teachers' strikes has swept the country, but what do they mean for our most vulnerable students? Education advocate and founder of Energy Convertors, an Oakland-based platform bringing...

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Veteran Teacher Explains What a CRT Ban Would Actually Mean in the Classroom

What do bans on critical race theory (CRT) actually mean for teachers in schools? Chris Stewart asked award winning teacher Nate Bowling that very question on “Unpublic.” Didn’t get a chance to catch...

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Special Education

It Was Hard Being a Dyslexia Mom Before Coronavirus and Now It's Even Harder

For me, helping my son go from a bright but illiterate fourth-grader to a high school student who can read and write was an incredible full-time job. It was really hard to understand that a regular...

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