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It's time to get real about equity and empowerment.

Who's walking the walk? Many schools, districts, and local governments talk a good game when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, but what's really working for our students? Hear the stories about which schools are really succeeding in developing inclusive environments and which ones are struggling to make the grade. We shine a bright light on inequity and celebrate all progress and wins along the way. 

@edpost1 “Nobody is lied about more than Black and Brown children in the United States. They are not really seen as living, breathing people and they are awfulized to death.” @citizenstewart #blackboys #btbep #awfulized ♬ original sound - Ed Post


  • Seeking Justice for Black and Brown Children? Focus on the Social Determinants of Health

    Laura Waters

    The fight for educational equity has never been just about schools. The real North Star for this work is providing opportunities for each child to thrive into adulthood. This means that our advocacy...

  • The Backlash to the Backlash against Black History

    Mark R. Lowery

    When high school students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, were allegedly told they couldn’t discuss slavery and civil rights during a Black History Month program because it made an administrator...

  • The Furor Over AP African American Studies, Explained

    Maureen Kelleher

    On Feb. 1, 2023, the College Board released a revised framework for its Advanced Placement (AP) African American Studies course, which is currently being piloted in 60 schools across the U.S. In...