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We wield communication's power to spotlight students, teachers, and communities  to ensure every child receives a personally meaningful , culturally affirming, child-centric education. We empower influential voices to narrate impactful stories that galvanize communities into action.

We magnify these narratives through platforms like this one, bolstering voices to illuminate education issues locally and nationally. Additionally, we forge partnerships with initiatives and organizations who share our mission.

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From Whole Child education to state policy to curriculum development and beyond, we delve into issues and questions around teaching to ensure all kids are given the tools they need to get a great education and become the people they want to be.


Get educated on the core topics we cover, and learn how you can be a better advocate for kids who need our help. Dive into our explainer library, check out our powerful flagship podcast, Freedom Friday, and prepare to be a better citizen (because you're still not free).


We don’t back down when it gets spicy. Book bans, LGBTQ rights, anti-racism efforts (or lack thereof). Get the real deal from our advocates and partners and learn how you can help save education for historically marginalized groups in the U.S.

We make podcasts. We share the story. We do deep dives.

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Education equity is our 24/7, year-round mission, and this election year the stakes have never been higher. We share news and amplify real-time stories from parents, teachers, students, and leaders in the education space. Your support goes directly to fueling these efforts by way of advocacy support and training, production, and distribution.