Young teacher having meeting with parent of schoolboy, they sitting at table and talking together after lessons

Fostering Meaningful School-Home Connections

Embrace “Uncomfortability” in Support of Marginalized Students

Portrait of young man showing data graphs while giving presentation during meeting in office, college or university, copy space

Optimizing Data Management Can Accelerate Educational Equity

School provides a safe haven for the spread of ideas.

Superintendents Must Stand Up to Fear to Support Educational Equity

High school student using calculator

It Is Not Taboo to Use Calculators in Math Class

Diverse business people/board members discussing together in front of a window

Is Your School Board Prepared to Lead?

Hugging happy freshmen students of different nationalities, best friends. Multiracial concept

The Key to Academic Success: Culturally Affirming Classrooms

Elementary age Asian student boy raised hands up in class. Diverse group of pre-school pupils in elementary age in education building school. Volunteering and participating classroom.

Using Translation to Support Multilingual Learners and Their Families

An empty classroom with desks and chairs and cash all over the floor

3 Ways To Get Kids Back To Class with ESSER

Young Black Boy with a serious expression, overlay of math equations on a blackboard

Black Education: Do We Think Black Children Are Mathematically Stupid?

Diversity and Minority Representation In Education: A Smiling Young Black School Boy Wearing a Backpack. A Happy African American Elementary School Student. Generative AI

Support Black Youth Before They Become a Hashtag

Illustration of a white family in front of a cosmic background using technology, looking toward a painting representing human evolution

Navigating the AI-Driven Future for Equitable Progress

diverse group of school kids with their teacher in front of a chalkboard that says "CHEMIST"

A Profile of Racial Equity at Boston Public Schools

Portrait of adorable African little girl, lean against of wall with paintings. Street art, little artist concept.

Let Me Wear My Crown: Black Hair Discrimination in School

Students walking to school together. AI Generative

Igniting Youth to Combat Sexual Harassment in School

dynamic back to school background with a burst of colorful geometric shapes and symbols representing different academic subjects. Generative Ai

Building a Brighter Future: Overcoming Educational Challenges Post-Pandemic

Black woman teacher smiling at the camera, standing in a school classroom

Educators’ Fight Against Gender Inequality in Leadership

Portrait of smiling boy using laptop in gaming club at night time

The Pros and Cons of ChatGPT in the Classroom

Happy schoolboy at school astronomy lesson, dreaming student, fantasy concept of school education, development and discovery, generated ai

AI is a How, Not a What: Why EdTech Companies Need to Shift to Drive K-12 Change

Digital Portrait of an African American school principal in elementary school. Back to School concept. Generative AI

How District Administrators Can Support Teachers With Student Literacy Gains This Year

Banned Books. A shelf of books with a chain and lock.

Banning Books Only Makes Students Want to Read Them More

Happy Young Black Girl Looking Back and Smiling Before Getting On a School Bus

Beyond the Basics: 3 Key Yet Uncommon Tasks for Back-to-School Prep

Energetic multiethnic children in jeans clothes talking to relaxed adults while staying indoors on sunny day.

It’s That Time: A Back to School Checklist For Parents

Assorted game board pieces in mid air. 3D illustration, Rendering

5 Math Enrichment Games to Use in Your Classroom This Year

Colorful wooden English alphabet on black background.

Understanding the Alphabet Soup of Multilingual Education

Happy children playing outside

A Best Practice For Optimal Learning? Get Kids Outside.

Urban Prep Academies

When the School Bully is the School District

African American schoolgirl, smiling, looking at camera, wears glasses dark background with books and backpack. Education. Self-development. Generated

We Must Protect School Librarians at All Costs

A little boy is reading a book. fairy tale background. back to school. generative ai.

Science of Reading Curriculum: What It Is and What It Isn’t

Brandon Brown, CEO of The Mind Trust

The Mind Trust on CSP and Community-Driven Change

Education and learning. Portrait of African-American schoolgirl holding a stack of schoolbooks on studio background.

Fix What’s Broken: Affirmative Action in Higher Education

Multiracial group of happy elementary students coming to school.

The (Ableist) Elephant in the Room: New Report Finds Charter Schools Fail Students With Disabilities

Professional Black woman sitting behind desk smiling

Black Educators: When They Tell You to Tone Down, Turn Up.

Serious Black man writing and learning in the park

Summer Professional Development for Math Teachers

Young Black male student working with a circuit board, two Black female students in the background

Use Competency- Based Learning to Promote Student Equity

White teenage boy laying in bed in the dark in the glow of his mobile phone, staring at the screen

Does TikTok Make Kids Anti-Science?

Black female high school student in class with multiracial classmates.

I Teach High School Math: How I Lead with Equity in Mind

Black woman educator stressed and sitting behind her desk with her eyes closed and head on hand, chalkboard in background with equations

What Are We Willing to Lose So Our Kids Can Gain?

Students walking on a college campus

As California Goes: States Will Experience Growing Pains Without Affirmative Action

Black female college student sitting at a table in a library, looking out

The Supreme Court on Affirmative Action: Who Will You Blame Now?

Young boy and girl producing a radio show in a studio

Ed Tech Tools: Don’t Ask Students What They Want to Be

Asian teenage girl standing in front of a transgender flag

Trans Students Are Not Okay. Our Time to Act is Now.

Asian Woman teaching diverse children math on a whiteboard

Just Because the Math Ain't Mathin' Doesn't Mean That There's No Evidence of Mathematical Thinking in Their Response

Author Kelisa Wing

Anti-Racist Education: When Things Hit the Fan, Are you Still a Fan?

Young Black girl sitting at a desk holding a pencil and counting on her fingers.

Math Pacing Guides: Do They Keep Pace or Leave Students Behind?

Juneteenth Should Serve As a Reminder That Anti-Blackness Is Still Alive in Our Schools

Juneteenth Serves As a Reminder That Anti-Blackness Is Still Alive in Our Schools

Frederick Douglass

Independence Has Always Been a Day Late and a Dollar Short for Black People, But Schools Can Change That

Four Black educators standing in front of a stage at the HipHopEd Conference

Ya Don’t Stop: A Review of the 2023 HipHopEd Conference

Sad young Black girl with braids wearing yellow backpack in school hallway; Two young white classmates in background

Anti-Racist Education: The N-Word is Not a Word for School

Young boy standing at the front of a classroom with his hands crossed in front of him

Why The Student Voice In The Classroom Immediately Improves Education

A parked school bus.

What if Two Types of Education Reform-Charter Schools and Education Savings Accounts-Merged?

Three diverse children laying on a library floor reading a book together.

Science of Reading vs. Whole Language War Rages On; Students Lose

Diverse students smiling while doing yoga at school

Weave Social Emotional Learning into the Fabric of the School Day

student working at a desk.

How Should Schools Spend ESSER Summer Funds? RI Case Study Has Some Clues

Young Black male student smiling with his hands behind his head, talking in a group session.

Advocacy for Mental Health in Schools Starts With Us

crowd gathered in Washington.

Republican Education Bill Would Increase Interference in Classrooms

young child learning to read.

The ‘Transformation is Real’ as the Science of Reading Takes Hold Across Public Schools

Black teacher reading a book.

Black Male Teachers Were My Father Figures. They Changed My Life, and We Need More of Them

5 Ways to Build Community Engagement in Schools

empty seats in an auditorium.

Rewrite attendance laws to promote learning, not seat time

Group of young, diverse activists at a protest rally

AAPI Heritage Month 2023: Cross-Racial Coalitions Provide Blueprint for Support

student receiving instruction in class.

Let’s Create a Mathematics Framework That Works for All Students

parents at meeting.

Education is One Area Where ‘Domestic Realists’ Agree. Let’s Build on That

Student gaining vocational or technical training.

Post-Pandemic, Let’s Develop True Education-to-Workforce Pathways to Secure a Better Future

Parents with their children at a park.

Don’t Overlook Families when Implementing SEL Strategies in School

A Rhode Island Community Charter Diversifies Nursing

Voting sign outside a polling location.

Why Education Advocates Should Start Playing Politics

cover of the book Gender Queer.

Gender Queer Is Not For Me, But Someone Needs This Book

students at Purdue Polytechnic High School.

A University-Led Community Charter: Purdue Polytechnic Helps Indiana Youth Succeed

Student working with markers at school.

School Leaders, What are You Doing About Your Schools’ Racial Bias?

Environmental activist McKenna Dunbar.

McKenna Dunbar Creates Green Jobs, Spreads Black Joy

At Last, Minnesota May Embrace The Science of Reading

Children playing outside school. Photo by Austin Pacheco on Unsplash.

In a Post-Pandemic World, We Must Pay More Attention to Emotions

Two Gen Z environmental activists.

What Is Environmental Activism? Youth of Color Creating Justice

RISE St. James workers.

Cultural Worker Marie Medjine Antoine Plants Seeds of a Green Economy

Photo by Anoushka Puri on Unsplash.

How Alabama Is Leading the Way in Solving the Math Crisis

Student walking outside Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom HS in the Bronx.

What Is Environmental Activism? Bronx Youth Making Green Space

Maise Brown activist.

Jackson’s Maisie Brown Links Social and Environmental Justice

Freedom Coalition for Charter Schools.

Education Needs A Radical Middle

Gen Z Chief Devon Parfait Fights to Save His People’s Land

Adults protesting/culture wars. Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash.

Children Paying the Price for Culture Wars and Witch Hunts in Public Education

Rocketship Public Schools.

Rocketship Grows Educators Who Love Their Students Like My Granny Loved Me

Students at the Arizona Autism Charter School.

Can a Community Charter Go National? Arizona Autism Charter School Says Yes

Young child reading a book. Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash.

Ohio Gov Pushes for Science of Reading as Only Approach

Tennessee Three outside legislature chambers.

Black Students, Expelled Tennessee Justins face Same Struggle

Protesters kept back by police. Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash.

Current Events Have A Place in Teaching, But a Social Justice Pedagogical Rooting is Needed

A view of a city skyline. Photo by Doug Zuba on Unsplash

A New Strategy for Driving Educational Equity

Alumni pose for a group photo at McDonogh 35 in New Orleans

NOLA’s Historic McDonogh 35 Thrives as Community Charter

Middle school student working a math equation. Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash.

Middle School Math is a Unique Problem that Needs More Attention

Students listening to their teacher.

Criminal Behavior Rises Among Those Left Behind by School Lotteries

Photo by Allison Shelley for EDUimages. Student in the classroom.

Teachers Must Instill the ‘Why’ of Discipline

A child reading during the summer, fostering summer learning.

We Can All Be Learning Heroes

Education researchers working at a desk. Photo by UX Indonesia on Unsplash.

The Shortcomings of Current Educational Research

Electoral map of the United States. Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

To Retain the Support of Black Voters, Democrats Must Re-Embrace Charter Schools

A smiling black adult male graduate holding his child who is wearing his graduation mortar board.

A Life-Changing School For Adults: Meet the Excel Center

Student at college graduation. Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash.

An Equity Agenda for Higher Education

Toddlers Need Social Emotional Learning

Toddlers Need Social Emotional Learning

Educating Girls to Be the Best Versions of Themselves

Student reading a book.

Arizona Republicans Want to Ban Books with Gender Fluidity, Pronouns

A disabled student with his parent.  Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

The Supreme Court Ruled in Favor of Students With Disabilities–Shouldn’t All Students Enjoy the Same Rights?

A Black and white teacher in a discussion.  Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

We Need Partnership Between Black and White Women Educators

Meet a Radically Inclusive St. Louis Community Charter: City Garden Montessori

The Women Educators Who Have Shaped My Teaching Career: Sara Demoiny

The Women Educators Who Have Shaped My Teaching Career: Sara Demoiny

Black woman teacher at the front of her class. Photo by Christina @ on UnSplash.

Black Excellence Breeds Unrecognized Jealousy Among White Women Teachers

Teacher at the chalk board (educational research).

Educational Research’s ‘Original Sin’

Teacher preparing a lesson.  Photo by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova on

Immigrants Experience Jane Crow Education, Too

Photo of a high school diploma. Photo by Gary Tou on Unsplash

NCLB at 20: The Law Sparked a School Data Revolution

Photos courtesy DC Wildflower.

DC Wildflower Launches Its First Community Charter School: Riverseed

Student working in a vocational setting. Photo by PTTI EDU on Unsplash

In Defense of College Degrees, and New Post-Secondary Pathways

Women Educators Who Have Shaped My Teaching Career: Dawn Watts-Bolds

Women Educators Who Have Shaped My Teaching Career: Dawn Watts-Bolds

student doing work at a computer.

Racial Violence Can Follow Students Into the Classroom–Here’s how Tenderness Can Make a Difference

Parents Storm D.C., Tell the GOP Whose Rights They Forgot in Their “Parents Bill of Rights”

View of the U.S. Capital, where the House is considering a parents rights bill. Photo by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash.

The So-Called Parents Bill of Rights Recycles a Dangerous Playbook

Child on her way to school during the pandemic.

4 Post-Pandemic Strategies to Keep Parents and Schools Connected

Public school parents want their children to learn about kindness, empathy and collaboration.

POLL: Public School Parents Want SEL in Schools, Divisive Parents Out

man holding AI sign.

ChatGPT: The Double-Edged Sword of AI in Education

Students receiving instruction remotely.

The Promise and Peril of New Teaching Technologies

10 Innovative Women Math Educators You Should Know

10 Innovative Women Math Educators You Should Know

4 Ways We Can Support Muslim Students During Ramadan and Year-Round

Books on library shelf. Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

My Students Overturned a Book Ban, You Can Too

Book displayed in rows. Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash

Who Gets to Decide What Students Read?

Professionals working on a spreadsheet. Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

The Case for a New School Finance Reform Agenda

Teacher giving instruction to students. Photo courtesy Success Academy Charter Schools.

Charter Schools Helping to Close Harlem’s Achievement Gap

Student solving a math problem at the chalk board. Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

This Pi Day, Let’s Look at Geometry from All Angles

Photo by Yaopey Yong on Unsplash. Scenic view of a mountain range.

Place-Based Learning Reveals Our Connections to Native History

On SEL Day, Focus on Building a More Perfect Union

Two Black students sitting in front of a computer

HBCUs Produce Culturally Relevant Leaders for Black Charter Schools

Children sitting together outside

Community charter schools earn their spot in public education

Photo by Yan Berthemy on Unsplash. School bus making its way through traffic.

New Group Strives to Make Public Education ‘Available to All’

Black boy journaling at school. Photo courtesy of Noble Schools.

Mental Health, Healing and Wholeness for Black Boys

Pandemic Devastation Demands More Student-Centered Learning Practices

Pandemic Devastation Demands More Student-Centered Learning Practices

Florida Watch: What Happened to Black History Month?

Teachers and Students Need Culturally Relevant Education

children racing outside a school.

Rethinking The Racial Achievement Gap

Teacher giving classroom instruction.

Report: LIFO Policies Threaten Teacher-Diversity Gains

Students working in school.

The Most Underutilized Resource in Schools – Families

Hey Shawnta! How Do I Tell My Principal That I Don’t Want to Sponsor an After-School Activity?

Hey Shawnta! How Do I Tell My Principal That I Don’t Want to Sponsor an After-School Activity?

These Educators Teach Black History Way Outside the Box

Black History Must Include African Math History

Black woman protesting. Photo by Andrew Valdivia on Unsplash

What Does Black History Mean to a Futuristic Black Girl?

Children practicing math at school.

Is There a ‘Science of Math’ Too?

Can an ‘International Competition’ Argument Still Work for Schools?

Hey Shawnta! Does Dyslexia Present Differently in Gifted or Multi-Exceptional Learners?

Hey Shawnta! Does Dyslexia Present Differently in Gifted or Multi-Exceptional Learners?

Education Accountability Can Learn from Health Care

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash. Homeschool student at work.

A New Educational Future Requires New Allies

black father with child.

Teaching Black History Must Start at Home

HBCU students. Photo by Andre Chung

The Undeniable Connection between HBCUs and Black Charter Schools

Mentoring Ed-Leaders For Equity in Chicago

students receiving their cybersecurity certificates at an Ohio high school.

How One Ohio High School Is Building Pathways to Cybersecurity Careers

Bold Visions Needed to Solve Pandemic-related Education Setbacks

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Let’s Expand Schools’ Thinking about Student Success

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

Nothing About Us Without Us

Photo by tam wai on Unsplash

Schools Want Engaged Parents in Theory but Ignore Their Reality

Photo by Joshua Hoehne

Let’s Open A Marketplace of Schools

Americans must recommit to an education opportunity agenda

The left challenges trickle-down choice policies

Making Career Pathways As Detour-Free As Possible

Photo by Cut in A Moment on Unsplash

Four Ways to Sustain Coaching Programs after ESSER Money Disappears


Florida Watch: Districts Clearcut School and Classroom Libraries

Helping Middle Schools Climb the Math Wall


Deny DeSantis The Credit He’s Not Due

Denying Black Students Algebra Is Worse Than Florida’s AP African American Studies Snub

Black History Should Be a Requirement in Math Curriculums

Photo by UK Black Tech on Unsplash

Why Career Pathways Are Essential for Preparing Students

In Purple Districts, Polarization Prevents Teaching Democratic Skills

Here’s What Teachers of Color Need From Their Principals

How To Set Your Brain on Fire (In a Good Way)

28 Essential Black History Books Educators Need to Read

28 Essential Black History Books Educators Need to Read

Hey Shawnta! How Can I Get My Children to Read More?

Hey Shawnta! How Can I Get My Children to Read More?

Schoolhouse Rock! Is Much More Than an Earworm for a Generation

Schoolhouse Rock! Is Much More Than an Earworm for a Generation

Photo by Sam Balye on Unsplash

We Can’t Let Racists Co-opt School Choice

Photo by yang miao on Unsplash.

Well-Behaved Children Seldom Make Misery: A Case for SEL

photo courtesy/Mia Uzzell


Students Eyeing Lawsuit against DeSantis for Banning AP African American Studies

Don’t Hate the Achievement Test, Hate the System

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

8 Things This Teacher-Mom Wants You to Know about Trans Kids

Observing National School Choice Week

What’s the Big Deal about ChatGPT in Schools?

Hey Shawnta! Field Trips Went Away During the Pandemic. What Can I Do to Get Them Back at My Children’s School?

Hey Shawnta! Field Trips Went Away During the Pandemic. What Can I Do to Get Them Back at My Children’s School?

Help Wanted: We’re Raising Dishonest and Disrespectful Children

Are Instructors Teaching Math Or Reinforcing Schooling?

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

Trans Kids (And Their Parents) Are Under Attack in America

adolescent boys in the classroom

America Has a Boy Problem. Public Schools Can Solve It.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Things Dr. King Said About Education That Might Surprise You

Photo by Charl Folscher on Unsplash


New Arkansas Governor Stops CRT Before It Starts

play-based learning

Teachers, Instilling Life-Long Learning May Be As Simple As Child’s Play

Hey Shawnta! As an English teacher, what do I need to know about ChatGPT?

Hey Shawnta! As an English Teacher, What Do I Need to Know About ChatGPT?

children learning to read

Is Your Child’s School Still Using Debunked Reading Theories?

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

Bye Bye Birdie: What's Next for Ed-Twitter?

Photo by Muhammad Haikal Sjukri on Unsplash

Professor Fired for Showing Picture of Prophet Muhammad

 Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

Educators, Watch for These Legislative Efforts in 2023

Laura Bollman

Q&A With Laura Bollman: Breaking Down Barriers to Literacy With Free Teacher Training

teacher instructing high school student

Learning Should Not be Relevant or Rigorous, It Should be Both

student taking test

Standardized Tests Are Racist, So Are You

Brightbeam’s List of the Top 22 Education Influencers of 2022

Hey Shawnta! Should I Make My Child Do the Winter Break Packet?

Hey Shawnta! Should I Make My Child Do the Winter Break Packet?

Hey Shawnta! What Should Parents Do With the Information From Emily Hanford’s Podcast 'Sold a Story'?

Hey Shawnta! What Should Parents Do With the Information From Emily Hanford’s Podcast 'Sold a Story'?

student learning at a computer

Don’t Use Khan Academy Alone

The Cruelty Is The Point: Why I’m Asserting My ‘Parental Rights’ to Protect Transgender Student Rights

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