How I Stumbled Into Culturally Responsive Education

While preparing a lecture about a historical figure, I stumbled across a fact about his sexual orientation that some might feel was unnecessary to share with my students, but I included it. My choice...

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Listen Up! ‘Good’ Readers May Not Be Effective Readers

You might assume that I am a “good” reader. I have an M.Ed in reading education and an Ed.D. I taught secondary reading and ELA for over a decade and read daily for work and pleasure. While I can...

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Black Teachers Make Their Colleagues Better Educators of Black Students

Black teachers are powerful. Black teachers propel the learning and broader success of their students. New research shows that they also improve the racial competency of their white colleagues....

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Sexual Assault

Join Innovative Research to Reduce Sexual Harassment and Assault

Esther Warkov, Ph.D., is Executive Director and Co-Founder of Stop Sexual Assault in Schools, a national nonprofit addressing rampant K-12 sexual harassment and assault After our daughter was...

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Special Education

Hate, Danger, and Debt: Navigating Being Trans in Higher Education

As a gender-fluid, neurodivergent student who has surmounted dozens of hurdles to get from high school to college, I am all too familiar with the reasons why trans youth go into higher education in...

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6 Books Math Educators Should Read in 2024

I asked several math teachers to share some of their favorite math education books they read over the past year. They provided many great book selections, and I highly recommend them for educators...

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