Chronic Absenteeism: Breaking the Vicious Cycle for Students of Color

The hallways of our nation's schools should be filled with the sounds of learning and growth. But for far too many students of color, those hallways are marred by the toxic cloud of bullying and...

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White Moms and the Paucity of Moral Imagination

There is an informal apartheid in America. Many progressive white mothers continue to quietly perpetuate it through our collective lack of social and moral imagination. When I was studying abroad in...

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School Choice

We have more educational choices than ever. Is that a good thing?

Education savings accounts are having a moment in state legislatures around the country. Advocates have encouraged their popularity, promising that ESAs will introduce greater flexibility and choice...

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Brushes Down, Bots Up: The Artistic Case for AI in STEAM

Through a tangled web of educational acronyms, we find ourselves at a curious crossroads between STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and STEAM, its more aesthetically inclined...

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The State of the [Black Education] Union: No One Is Coming to Save Us

Ladies, gentlemen, and fellow citizens, the state of the Black Education Union is not strong. The nameless and faceless “system” is still failing Black students. To be clear, they are failing nearly...

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The Promises and Perils of AI for America's Youngest Generation

President Joe Biden, in his recent State of the Union address, acknowledged one of the most urgent issues of our time: the rapid advancement of technology and the effect it has on our children: “But...

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