We Are All Advocates.

Advocacy can be zero cost, and it can have a limitless budget. It can take years of planning and it can be a quick sharing of a post. Education equity touches all of us, and anyone can be an advocate for education. No matter your skills, experience, background or budget (or lack thereof) we welcome you to join us in the fight for equity in K-12 education.

Be bold. The world is eager to hear from you.


  • What's an IEP and How to Ensure Your Child's Needs Are Met?

    Ed Post Staff

    If you have a child with disabilities, you’re not alone: According to the latest data, over 7 million American schoolchildren — 14% of all students ages 3-21 — are classified as eligible for special...

Your Guide to Insta-Advocacy

If you have one-minute you can

  • share an EdPost article
  • comment on an EdPost post
  • follow us on social
  • follow our advocates and orgs

If you have one hour you can

  • shoot a video about edu and your community for us
  • write an Op-Ed about education in your area
  • make a donation to support our advocacy work
  • learn about your local representatives 

If you have one day you can

  • attend a school board meeting
  • interview teachers about education equity in your area
  • study the education issues in your area 
  • attend an education equity event in your area

If you have more than a day you can

  • become an EdPost contributor
  • fundraise annually for your local school
  • consider running for school board
  • organize large-scale efforts for student support