Here's Why Your Child is Struggling in Math and What To Do About It

Your child has the potential for mathematical excellence! Regardless of their struggles, demographics, or diagnoses, they can do much better in math. In nearly three decades of working with children...

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education policy

2024 is the Year to End Hair Politics In Schools

When stories of hair politics go viral, people are outraged for a moment, but the student at the center of the incident is quickly forgotten and the masses move on to the next topic to rage about....

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School Choice

Parents' Rights, School Choice, Anti-Racism Will Grab Headlines in '24

A presidential election year is fast approaching, meaning social media channels and news feeds already awash with negativity about education-related issues will only become more treacherous places...

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How Data Can Inspire Us to Create Change

I recently sat through a presentation on American education filled with heavy data about how the opportunity gap is ballooning while kids' academic progress and social and emotional well-being are in...

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Anti-Racism and Cultural Affirmation Went Viral in 2023

What goes viral for an audience says much about what they care about. Ed Post's readers and viewers stopped their scrolling for issues such as student success, anti-racism education and advocacy,...

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Top 2023 Articles Spotlighted Culturally Relevant Curriculum

At the end of another trip around the sun, a review of the most-read articles published by Ed Post reveals that educators and advocates are working on issues that have been top of mind for years....

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