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Teachers or Influencers? The Misguided Priorities in Today's Education

In recent news, a Black male teacher was terminated after sharing a TikTok video where female students were braiding his hair. This incident has sparked significant controversy, shedding light on a...

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Black Teacher Who Let Students Braid Hair Needs Guidance, Not Punishment

There has already been so much conversation about this teacher, who ended up getting fired (allegedly) for live-streaming his students unbraiding his hair. For the record, I believe there’s more to...

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Punk Artist Mike Park Shares His Experience With Anti-Asian Hate

In 1994, my band 'Skankin' Pickle' went on tour. In Tampa, Florida, we headlined a show in a small, 500-capacity room full of punks, mods, skinheads, and freaks. The energy was chaotic—stage diving,...

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1972 Gary Declaration Was A Call For Equality That Remains Unanswered

More than five decades ago, some 10,000 Black leaders gathered for the National Black Political Convention in Gary, Indiana. What came to be known as the Gary Convention of 1972 was an inflection...

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Education Has an Engagement Problem, and AI can Help Fix it 

In the fight for attention, education is outmatched. Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube leverage millions of creators and advanced AI to create ultra-personalized, highly...

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‘Useless' Math: From y=mx+b to Silicon Valley Dreams

A chorus often emerges on Facebook from the disgruntled masses of math students. This lament echoes through the hallways of high schools and on Beyoncé’s internet: "Another day has passed, and yet...

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