#FreedomFriday: Defending Education From Extremist Attacks (Ft. Heather Harding)

Heather Harding, Ed.D., Executive Director of the Campaign for Our Shared Future, joined Chris and Sharif to talk about COSF's "Educator Defense Fund," a central rapid-response resource of support services for educators, superintendents, and school board members facing pressure from the anti-woke mob. 

The defense fund comes at a time when misinformation and fear-mongering are at an all-time high and have led to attacks on schools and educators for simply teaching the truth.

Ahead of the conversation, Chris posed a question on Twitter about the divided factions in America and whether public institutions like our schooling system can accommodate all Americans. 

That question, and much more was answered throughout the episode. Dr. Harding highlighted how little of the current education debates are actually centered on student learning and how we have to acknowledge the politics that are driving so much of the educational culture wars. 

Watch the full episode and join the conversation. What do you think is truly behind the attacks on "critical race theory," gender-inclusive curriculum, african-american history and other so-called "divisive" topics in our schools?