Common Sense

Ep1: TEACHER STRIKES — Common Sense W/ Dr. Charles Cole III

A new wave of teachers' strikes has swept the country, but what do they mean for our most vulnerable students? Education advocate and founder of Energy Convertors, an Oakland-based platform bringing...

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Veteran Teacher Explains What a CRT Ban Would Actually Mean in the Classroom

What do bans on critical race theory (CRT) actually mean for teachers in schools? Chris Stewart asked award winning teacher Nate Bowling that very question on “Unpublic.” Didn’t get a chance to catch...

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It Was Hard Being a Dyslexia Mom Before Coronavirus and Now It's Even Harder

For me, helping my son go from a bright but illiterate fourth-grader to a high school student who can read and write was an incredible full-time job. It was really hard to understand that a regular...

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6 Things Black Students Need to Hear After Nipsey Hussle's Death

“He was a former gang member...and in other news…” That’s what my favorite local news station, WGN, had to say about Ermias Joseph Asghedom—better known as rapper and songwriter Nipsey Hussle—in...

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These Sixth-Graders Are Recreating Classic Book Covers for Black History Month

Terrance Sims is getting creative this Black History Month. A sixth-grade teacher, Sims and his students recreated classic book covers written by famous Black historical figures. “Our scholars pay...

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Robert F. Kennedy, the 'Complicated' Advocate for Civil Rights

Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was killed on June 6, 1968. He was a top contender for the Democratic presidential nomination that year....

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VIDEO: Super Soaker Inventor Lonnie Johnson Is Helping Fund Young Engineers

The name Lonnie Johnson might not immediately strike a chord, but mention the Super Soaker, and suddenly childhood memories of epic water battles come flooding back. Johnson, the ingenious mind...

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