Freedom Friday: What's Possible for Black Children (ft. Dr. William Hayes)

Black Excellence in Education

Dr. William Hayes, CEO of Boys' Latin of Philadelphia, joined the most recent episode of Freedom Friday. Boys Latin follows a college-preparatory model for educating boys by "nurturing personal responsibility, emotional intelligence, and character development."

In the episode, host Chris "Citizen" Stewart and Dr. Hayes discuss the school's model, how it benefits from being a single-sex school, the messages and narratives surrounding educating Black boys, and how we can do a better job of opening up the world for them.

Dr. Hayes explains why not every school is for everybody, and he and Chris discuss the idea that "college isn't for all students." 

Chris and Dr. Hayes take on the persisting "belief gap" and the idea that not all students can learn at a high level. They continue to discuss the narratives that surround Black boys and the deficit-based messaging they are constantly bombarded with. Finally, they agree that we have to tell positive stories to inspire our kids and let them know all they are capable of. 


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