Veteran Teacher Explains What a CRT Ban Would Actually Mean in the Classroom

What do bans on critical race theory (CRT) actually mean for teachers in schools?

Chris Stewart asked award winning teacher Nate Bowling that very question on “Unpublic.” Didn’t get a chance to catch the live broadcast? No worries. Check it here or watch below.


As you can see, Bowling didn’t come to play.


"These bills are being created to make white conservatives comfortable,” Bowling said. “The real history of America is racial trauma and exploitation. That is the American story."

Nothing—repeat, nothing—about this is new, Bowling said.

Why are conservatives so interested in using the government to dictate exactly what children learn, Bowling asked. 

“What I don't need is my instruction to be dictated by the state legislature,” he said

“These decisions belong in classrooms, to teachers and schools and should not be dictated.”

Viewers were impressed with what Bowling had to say.

Did you catch Bowling’s appearance? What did you think? What would you like to see discussed on future episodes of “Unpublic” or other Citizen Ed broadcasts? Get in touch because your voices are needed.

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