These Sixth-Graders Are Recreating Classic Book Covers for Black History Month

Terrance Sims is getting creative this Black History Month. A sixth-grade teacher, Sims and his students recreated classic book covers written by famous Black historical figures. “Our scholars pay homage to the giants who came before them!” Sims wrote on his Instagram account, where he posted a gallery of his students’ recreations. One girl can be seen dressed as former first lady Michelle Obama, whose 2018 autobiography, “Becoming,” sold 13 million copies in its first month of publication. Another student put on a suit and tie and struck his finest Malcolm X pose to recreate the civil rights leader’s cover for “The Autobiography of Malcolm X.” Revolutionary Assata Shakur inspired another one of Sims’ students, who took Shakur’s “Assata” and ran with it to create her own iconic figure. Sharon G. Flake’s “The Skin I'm In” gave another Sims student the opportunity to recreate a striking image. Sims will keep releasing images on his Instagram as Black History Month continues, according to Because of Them We Can, so keep your eyes peeled!
Rob Samuelson
Rob Samuelson is a Staff Writer at Education Post and Digital Media Manager for the brightbeam network.