Freedom Friday: Agency, Freedom & 'Victimhood' (ft. Ian Rowe)

The System & Self-Determination

Let's explore the "FREE Initiative," with its creator, Ian Rowe, an academic and educator from the American Enterprise Institute. He identifies four key pillars - Family, Religion, Education, and Entrepreneurship - which he says can empower children to overcome disadvantages and thrive as adults. Chris and Sharif engage Ian around his ideas they have previously challenged of overcoming "victimhood," and setting our kids up for success.

Show Notes:

Ian Rowe shares what he thinks Chris and Sharif got wrong about his work when they recently covered his "F.R.E.E." Initiative on the 8 Black Hands Podcast

Rowe shares what he sees as two comparing "meta-narratives" that dominate how we think about success and oppression. He breaks down the idea that either "everything is the system's fault" or "everything is the fault of the victim." 

The conversation touches on the pillars that Rowe sees as key levers for overcoming disadvantaged backgrounds and leading to a successful life, especially for Black children and families. 

Chris, Sharif and Ian find some common ground and some areas of strong disagreement on how we talk about structural oppression and what self-determination can look like. Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and join the conversation.


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