#FreedomFriday: Black History and Resistance Stories Every Kid Should Know (ft. Rann Miller)

Rann Miller, freelance writer, former teacher, and author of 'Resistance Stories from Black History for Kids' joined Freedom Friday to help shed light on the value of Black history and resistance stories for students. 

Rann shared with Freedom Friday host and brightbeam CEO Chris Stewart that Black students excel when they learn about their history, including resistance stories and leaders. 

Rann and Chris discussed how politicians and extremists are trying to whitewash American history through efforts to ban books, avoid African-American studies, and more. They discussed the backlash to things like "critical race theory" in schools and the importance of teaching Black history to overcome systemic oppression.

The episode wrapped with Chris calling for people to come together to demand that we teach truth, and give students affirming places to learn.


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