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I Do More Before 9 a.m. Than Most People All Day. I'm a KIPP College Counselor.

This post is part of a series of posts celebrating students who are making it to and through college with the support of the KIPP charter school network’s Through College program. Being a college...

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Indigenous Peoples

I'm Becoming a Doctor So I Can Go Back Home and Serve the Navajo Nation

I’m wrapping up my first year of medical school and while it’s been pretty hard, it’s all going to be worth it when I can return to the Navajo Nation, and serve the community where I grew up. I want...

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School Choice

Before You Oppose Vouchers, You Should Know that D.C.’s Opportunity Scholarships Are Changing My Kids’ Lives

This post is part of a series on the issue of vouchers and private school choice. With the Trump administration’s vows to expand school choice, many states are moving aggressively to create more...

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Desegregation Taught Me About Cultural Differences, But Have My Daughters Learned Those Lessons, Too?

I remember the summer of 1978 leading up to the first day of school when desegregation and busing were starting. The Wilmington neighborhood where I grew up was predominately Black, but there were...

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Parent Involvement

For #WorldBookDay, Here's Some Tips to Get Your Child Reading Every Day

What’s the best way parents can support their child’s reading growth at home? Read every night. That sounds simple enough but anyone who has had the “have you done your homework” conversation knows...

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4 Tips to Protect Your Child From Cyberbullying

I’m a busy working mom and, like many of my peers, I allow my children a limited amount of screen time. It holds their attention, they learn things, and their dad and I actively monitor what they’re...

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