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4 Tips to Protect Your Child From Cyberbullying

I’m a busy working mom and, like many of my peers, I allow my children a limited amount of screen time. It holds their attention, they learn things, and their dad and I actively monitor what they’re...

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School Choice

I Graduated From KIPP Over a Decade Ago and Now I'm Sharing That Same Love and Motivation With My Students

In America today, we are confronted with an unfortunate reality; a reality where our Black brothers and sisters fall victim to others’ beliefs and stereotypes. As educators, we deal with that truth...

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public schools

For Most People the MLK Holiday Is a Day Off, But for Me It's a Day On

AmeriCorps member Jarrett Jones will be spending MLK Day giving back to his community. Along with over 1,000 volunteers, Jarret will be a part of a beautification project at Curie Metropolitan High...

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Achievement Gap

Here's What I Learned After My Son Faced Implicit Racial Bias in Kindergarten

What is implicit racial bias? Implicit bias is the unconscious associations and assumptions made between groups of people which affect the routine classroom and administrative decisions that produce...

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Student Voice

The United States Is Bigger Than the President. We All Have to Continue to Work Together to Find Solutions.

Like many college students, I felt scared and betrayed by the election of Donald Trump. I am the daughter of undocumented Mexican immigrants, family member to LGBTQ relatives, and a volunteer who...

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How My Guidance Counselor Changed My Life Between First and Second Period

I was rushing to second period when my counselor asked, “Did you send your application to Dartmouth yet?” stopping to interrogate me in the hall. In my mind, Dartmouth College was not even on my...

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