S2E29: The Marriage Between Education and Legislation (ft. Rep. Jordan Harris and Tomás Hanna)


Episode Summary

We were able to connect with Pennsylvania State Representative Jordan Harris and Chief Talent Officer for the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Tomás Hanna, to discuss education legislation and support for Black Men Educators live from the BMEC conference.

Episode Notes

(0:30- 8:00) Jordan Harris and Tomás Hanna share who they are and why they do the work.

(8:15- 9:15) Marriage between education and politics.

(9:15-10:30) Sometimes people don’t want us to be Black.

(10:37 - 14:40) How do we attract youth to the profession?

(14:45 - 21:00) Getting the bag and teaching.

(21:00- 23:50) The tough days on the job and the joy.

(23:50 - 30:30) Teachers in the neighborhood.

(30:30- 34:40) The work of paraprofessionals and where they fit.

(34:40-41:40) School funding and legislation.

(41:40-45:50) Priorities for the legislative session.

(41:40-55:50) Jordan Harris and Tomás Hanna thank their black teachers.

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