Freedom Friday

It's Freedom Friday, and you're still not free, but hopefully you'll be a bit closer after an hour with Chris Stewart, CEO and Chief Advocate for EdPost, and Sharif El-Mekki, CEO for Center for Black Educator Development. 

Building the Black Educator Pipeline

Ed Post and the Center for Black Educator Development combine forces to deliver the essential podcast on developing a strong Black educator pipeline to ensure our students have the representation they deserve. 

Always Learning

The podcast where curiosity never retires and knowledge is always in session. Engaging with thinkers, creators, and educators who remind us that our capacity to learn is boundless. Let's not forget that learning is not confined to youth; it's a lifelong journey.

Across Colors

Across Colors is a limited series from Ed Post on how parents and educators from across the country are pushing to make schools better and more equal places for children to learn and grow. Hosted by Tanzina Vega.

Teach the Babies 

Season one of Teach the Babies with Dr. David J. Johns examines the impact of one arguably among the most consequential Supreme Court cases, Brown vs the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas.  As we acknowledge the 70th anniversary of the first Brown decision we’re still grappling with questions about the effects and impact of Brown.

Ed Post Conversations

We’re tired of the same old ideas in education, and so are you. Our diverse range of guests bring fresh ideas and stories that challenge, surprise and inspire.

School Disrupted

School Disrupted is a ground-breaking podcast by Spelligent that challenges the flaws of the one-size-fits-all education model. Hosted by Toni Barton, this first of its’ kind series features thought-provoking conversations with prominent educators, caregivers, and students to discuss the untold reality of our current schooling system and how it is failing students who don’t “fit in a box” or are unique in ability.


Podcast Recaps


Abolitionist Teaching and Education Reparations (ft. Dr. Bettina Love)

Episode Notes: Dr. Bettina Love is an educator who teaches, writes, researches, and advocates at the intersection of racism, education, and abolition. She is the author of the book We Want To Do More...

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Black Nationalism, Education and Activism (ft. Dr. Greg Carr)

Episode Notes: Dr. Greg Carr, associate professor of Africana Studies and chair of the Department of Afro-American Studies at Howard University, rejoins the Building the Black Educator Pipeline...

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S1E10: Edu-Equity as a Fundamental Right (ft. Dr. Khalilah Harris)

Episode Notes: Dr. Khalilah Harris, who was leading the K12 education policy team at The Center for American Progress at the time, joined the show back in 2021 to discuss Black liberation, equity in...

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Supporting our Gifted and Talented Black Students (ft. Dr. Donna Y. Ford)

Episode Notes: Dr. Donna Y. Ford, a distinguished Professor of Education and Human Ecology and Kirwan Institute Faculty Affiliate at The Ohio State University's College of Education and Human...

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The Impact of Parents on Our Education System (ft. Keri Rodrigues and Maritza Guridy)

Show Notes: Co-Founder and President of the National Parents Union, Keri Rodrigues, and Deputy Director of Parent Voice and Outreach, Maritza Guridy, join the show to discuss how parents can impact...

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Black Liberation Through Education: The Fight Continues

In this throwback episode from the live-streaming days of Building the Black Educator Pipeline, host Shayna Terrell was joined by Charlie Cobb Jr, Dr. Zoharah Simmons, and Dr. Charles Payne, to...

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