The Impact of Parents on Our Education System (ft. Keri Rodrigues and Maritza Guridy)

Show Notes:

Co-Founder and President of the National Parents Union, Keri Rodrigues, and Deputy Director of Parent Voice and Outreach, Maritza Guridy, join the show to discuss how parents can impact our education system and the importance of parent-centered spaces.

Keri and Maritza tell host Shayna Terrell of the Center for Black Educator Development about their work organizing parents and help dispel the myth that Black and Brown families are disengaged from the education process. They also share advice for schools and districts to get parents more involved in the decision-making process and give tips for parents on how to best advocate for their children.

The conversation covers the state of special education programs and advocacy, obstacles to achieving educational equity in today's political climate, and how we hold elected officials accountable for funding and student outcomes.