S2E14: Brothers Impacting Education (ft. Larry Irvin)

Larry Irvin, CEO of Brothers Empowered to Teach shares his unique life story of overcoming adversity and what led to him becoming an educator and founding an organization dedicated to supporting Black male educators.

The mission of Brothers Empowered to Teach is "to provide mentorship, apprenticeship and pathways to careers in education through early exposure to teaching and targeted experiences cultivating an organic love of teaching children."

In this episode host Shayna Terrell and Larry discuss a few of the core values of BE2T, including “remaining relevant” and "defying convention.” 

The conversation touches on how we can better support aspirating black educators to be respected for their intellect and instructional expertise and not used for the relational value with students. Irvin also shares tips for school leaders to support and sustain Black male educators as well as recruit more young men into the field of education.

Shayna and Larry discuss the impact that Black male educators have on kids and how policy changes can increase their numbers.