"It's Hard to Raise America's Children Without Heart and Soul." Dr. Irvin Scott

In this conversation, Ed Post Senior Digital Manager Lisa Hollenbach talks with Dr. Irvin Scott, Harvard Graduate School of Education Senior Lecturer and author of 'Leading with Heart and Soul: 30...

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Renowned Diversity Educator Jane Elliott Discusses 'Jane Crow Education'

Educator and anti-racism activist Jane Elliott, known for her "Blue eyes/Brown eyes" exercise, joins us to talk about the role white women play in education and upholding racist systems. She also...

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Special Education

It Was Hard Being a Dyslexia Mom Before Coronavirus and Now It's Even Harder

For me, helping my son go from a bright but illiterate fourth-grader to a high school student who can read and write was an incredible full-time job. It was really hard to understand that a regular...

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