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This Teacher Uses the Beatles To Teach His Students Latin

We value innovation here at Education Post, and New Jersey teacher Keith Andrew Massey is chock full of it. 

Massey teaches Latin. We’re still living through a pandemic, in case you hadn’t heard. So, like scores of his colleagues, Massey started getting creative on video for his students. The results? Well, watch for yourself. 


Who doesn’t like a little Beatles to end the day—with a twist? Massey’s take on “Let It Be” is sung in Latin to help his kids understand the ancient language a little bit easier. 

NJ.com has more on the similarities and differences between Latin and English in the song’s lyrics: 

“Et ubi nox est nobila, est lux adhuc lucens super me, luce usque ad crastinum, fiat,” he sings.

The familiar English lyrics — “And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me, shine until tomorrow, let it be” — appear on the screen.

But there's more to this cover song than making pop culture useful to a classroom. Massey told NJ.com the video was “designed to capture the reality of just how long we have been plodding along."

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