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I May Only Be in Sixth Grade But I Know Peace Starts With My Own Two Feet

Have you ever celebrated or heard of World Peace Day? Well, World Peace Day is an International Day of Peace organized by the United Nations, which is on September 21. My school, The Academy for Global Citizenship, celebrated Peace Day by having a parade and marching all around the community that surrounds our school, protesting that we should have peace around the world. We held up signs saying “ PEACE IS A PRIVILEGE!” and “MORE PEACE LESS VIOLENCE!” While we marched around the neighborhood we noticed that we attracted the attention of many people. Many neighbors were standing outside their houses cheering us on. Some were recording us on their phones encouraging us to keep spreading our message of peace. Drivers were beeping their horns to show that they supported the cause and others decided to join our cause by holding up signs with messages of peace. This caused students and teachers to become very emotional. My friends said they felt very proud of their actions and felt that people really appreciated the message that The Academy for Global Citizenship community was trying to send. I was proud to be part of something good. It made me think. I felt that if walking for peace with just my school got the attention of many people then can you imagine what many communities coming together to send this message of peace could do to fix the violence that we face in our world. If this peace parade took place in other schools in other communities and cities, I think that there would be less violence in those communities. Maybe the word would spread and people would think and reflect on their actions and the world would be such a better place! But remember, this all can't happen if we sit down all day and just plan and come up with ideas. We have to take action and fight for what is right! It is important that we have peace in the world because war is not good. War makes everyone mad and angry towards each other. When everyone is mad towards each other people can get out of control and start destroying things and others. We only live once and we have to enjoy our life with peace, not war.
Katherine Garcia is a sixth-grade student at the Academy for Global Citizenship in Chicago, Illinois. Her favorite thing to learn in school is math. When she gets to, she loves to do arts and crafts.

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