Mark R. Lowery

Mark R. Lowery was formerly managing editor of Ed Post. He is a veteran journalist who has managed national magazines and worked for major newspapers, including New York Newsday, the Detroit Free Press and the Plain Dealer. He previously served as editorial director of October Research.

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Nothing About Us Without Us

COVID-19 wreaked havoc on our country’s education system, especially for students of color and those from low-income backgrounds. These inequities existed before COVID-19, but were exacerbated by the...

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28 Essential Black History Books Educators Need to Read

In celebration of Black History Month, and in collaboration with the Center for Black Educator Development, Ed Post offers a list of 28 essential books on Black history and culture that educators...

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Help Wanted: We’re Raising Dishonest and Disrespectful Children

Turns out, there’s at least one issue on which Democrats and Republicans agree: instilling honesty and respect in children can be an uphill battle and parents want schools to supplement their...

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Things Dr. King Said About Education That Might Surprise You

“It's not burn baby burn, but learn, baby, learn, so that you can earn, baby, earn.” You might be surprised that the author of “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” could also riff on a slogan first coined...

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Professor Fired for Showing Picture of Prophet Muhammad

An adjunct professor at Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota was fired after showing her class medieval paintings depicting the Prophet Muhammad. Erika Lopez Prater showed an online class...

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Q&A With Laura Bollman: Breaking Down Barriers to Literacy With Free Teacher Training

With reading scores declining for most students across the nation, it’s imperative schools adopt science-based reading methods to ensure more students get the basics they need. With limited funds,...

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