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Lane Wright is Director of Strategic Growth at Education Post. In addition to this role, he tells stories that help families understand how their schools are doing, how to make them better and how policy plays a role. He’s a former journalist and former press secretary to Florida’s governor, and he’s got a knack for breaking down complex education reform policy issues into easy-to-understand concepts. During his time at Education Post, and with previous organizations, Lane has interviewed teachers, students and local school leaders. He’s spent time watching them work in the classroom and helped them raise their voices on issues they care about. He’s also helped parents advocate—in the news, and before lawmakers—for a better education for their own kids. Lane, his wife, and three children live in Tallahassee, Florida, where his kids attend a public charter school.

Posts By Lane Wright


Why Career Pathways Are Essential for Preparing Students

As parents and guardians, we want our children to have successful futures, and a strong foundation in job readiness skills is key to that success. Unfortunately, many states fall short when it comes...

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How To Set Your Brain on Fire (In a Good Way)

You may laugh, but I’m not afraid to admit I’ve been stumped by my third grader’s math homework. (Perhaps parents whose kids did Common Core can relate). This was almost a year ago, so forgive me for...

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Well-Behaved Children Seldom Make Misery: A Case for SEL

A while back, my fourth grader came home and told me about a student who threw a chair in his class. I can’t remember what the student was mad about, or if he was even mad. Another day, that same...

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Is Your Child’s School Still Using Debunked Reading Theories?

Like many people who care about kids learning to read, I’ve been hearing a lot about the “science of reading” lately. The other night, I asked a teacher friend if their school is using a curriculum...

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What It Feels Like to Lose One of the Two Black Teachers at Your School

Last week I got an email that one of my son’s two kindergarten teachers, Ms. Ashley, is starting her maternity leave and he’s getting a new co-teacher for that class. I instantly felt happy for her...

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Betsy DeVos Wants Larger Paychecks For Teachers Who Deliver Results for Kids

In a recent statement to Congress, Betsy DeVos, the nation’s education chief, made the following statement: Students may be better served by being in larger classes, if by hiring fewer teachers, a...

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