Lane Wright

Lane Wright is Director of Strategic Growth at Education Post. In addition to this role, he tells stories that help families understand how their schools are doing, how to make them better and how policy plays a role. He’s a former journalist and former press secretary to Florida’s governor, and he’s got a knack for breaking down complex education reform policy issues into easy-to-understand concepts. During his time at Education Post, and with previous organizations, Lane has interviewed teachers, students and local school leaders. He’s spent time watching them work in the classroom and helped them raise their voices on issues they care about. He’s also helped parents advocate—in the news, and before lawmakers—for a better education for their own kids. Lane, his wife, and three children live in Tallahassee, Florida, where his kids attend a public charter school.

Posts By Lane Wright

Why Education Advocates Should Start Playing Politics

Our friends at Future Ed and 50CAN published their latest Advocacy Labs report titled, “Can Elections Help Advance Your Education Advocacy Goals?” If you run an organization (even a small grassroots...

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Rethinking The Racial Achievement Gap

How long do you try a thing before you admit it’s not working and switch up your plan? If you accept the premise that racial achievement gaps have been the driving force to improve academic...

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Can an ‘International Competition’ Argument Still Work for Schools?

Would it really be the worst thing if the U.S. wasn’t on top of the world order? I just read a thought-provoking essay from Will Marshall, president of the Progressive Policy Institute, which was...

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Let’s Open A Marketplace of Schools

We have more schooling options today than ever before. Magnet schools, international baccalaureate, private schools, home schools (with robust networks and resources) and every type of charter school...

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Making Career Pathways As Detour-Free As Possible

Getting from helpless kindergartner who picks his nose and eats it (what, just me?) to well-paid professional who can support himself and his family is no cake walk. In fact it’s an epic (academic...

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Denying Black Students Algebra Is Worse Than Florida’s AP African American Studies Snub

Anyone worried about Florida’s rejection of the College Board’s pilot AP African American studies course should also be worried about this: Across the country, one in four high schools serving mostly...

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