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Alina Adams is a New York City mom of three school-age children and a New York Times best-selling author of soap-opera tie-ins, figure-skating mysteries and romance novels. She is a contributing writer to TODAY Show Parenting, Mommy Poppins, BlogHer, Red Tricycle, Café Mom and Kveller. After going through the New York City school application process with her own children and realizing just how convoluted, Draconian and needlessly complex it was, Alina resolved to help make all parents aware of all their school choices—and how to get them—via her books, “Getting Into NYC Kindergarten” and “Getting Into NYC High-School,” as well as her podcast, “NYC School Secrets: Parents Helping Parents.”

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The Supreme Court Ruled in Favor of Students With Disabilities–Shouldn’t All Students Enjoy the Same Rights?

On Tuesday, March 21, 2023, in a rare unanimous vote, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a deaf Michigan student who sued his school system for providing him with an inadequate education. This...

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NYC Won’t Allow Yeshiva Students To Fail—But It’s OK For Public School Students?

After not one student attending Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing & Visual Arts passed either their state math or English Language Arts tests in 2015, 2016, or 2017, the Harlem middle...

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Bloomberg Invested in a Ton of NYC Schools This Summer. Here's What It Did.

Despite a late announcement of the opportunity, Bloomberg Philanthropies supported summer school in 93% of New York City’s charter schools serving students in K-8. In July and August, Bloomberg...

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My Son Taught His Own Damn Self … And Got Into College!

“Do you know what you’ll be if you do this?” my husband raged at our then-16-year-old son, “You’ll be just another Black man without a high-school diploma. Why are you acting like a rich, white kid?...

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Achievement Gap

The Epidemic We’re Not Talking About: Most High School Seniors Can’t Read or Do Math

The National Assessment for Education Progress (NAEP)—nicknamed “America’s Report Card”—released their 12th grade scores at the end of October. The horrifying results: Just 37% of 12th-graders...

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Vote Local Day 5: Care About Schools? Vote Local. (ft. Alina Adams) Yes, there is a big national election happening. But if you really want to improve policy in education, we need to #VoteLocal. New...

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