With Florida Math Textbook Rejections, CRT Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

While Twitter’s chock full of talk about Florida banning books that include “critical race theory (CRT),” there’s even more weirdness going on. Some background: Florida’s Department of Education...

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Here's How Culturally Sustaining Curriculum Roots Students in a Legacy of Strength

I started my teaching career teaching music. I’d been a professional musician for a decade—performing, touring and recording jazz and Latin music. With some experience as a teaching artist and a...

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low income

Don’t Buy Into the Hype Around Learning Loss

I get it: “learning loss” is scary. Considering the unprecedented overuse of the word “unprecedented” to describe what our nation’s K-12 education system has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, we...

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remote learning

I Love Teaching, But I'm Not a Martyr

I have been navigating majority (or all) white spaces for a very long time. Whether it was the tracked gifted and talented classes or my time at university, I’ve always sort of been an outsider. In a...

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Achievement Gap

To the People Pushing Back on Culturally Responsive Teaching During Black History Month

A war has been waging in my home state of Illinois, and the battle lines have been drawn. In one corner of the ring—the “uber leftists” who justify the need for the Illinois State Department of...

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Higher Education Is the New Poverty Pimp

I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for a while and here it is—higher education is the new poverty pimp in Black communities with student loans being the latest form of predatory lending....

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