S2E5: The Reality of Building the Black Educator Pipeline (ft. Dr. Greg Carr)

What is the purpose of education?

Our resident Baba, Dr. Greg Carr rejoins the show to answer this question and break down how our system of education functions and the purpose it serves.

In this episode, host Shayna Terrell and Dr. Carr discuss how formal education has shifted over time in America and how different cultures see the role of education. Dr. Carr addresses the unique role of a public system of schools in a capitalist society, and the conversation touches on a parent's right to a quality education.

Shayna and Dr. Carr discuss the curriculum in our schools and who and what gets taught to children, as well as the spiritual and cultural violence that Black children often face at school.

Finally, the conversation touches on the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas and what the aftermath will be. 

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