S2E4: Mothers of the Movement Pt. 2 (ft. Camara K. Jordan)

In the second part of our "Mothers of the Movement" feature on the Building the Black Educator Pipeline Podcast, we celebrate and uplift the work of Mama Camara K. Jordan

"Consider others as you would want them to be considerate of you." 
- A principle that Mama Camara leans on as a lifelong philosophy.

Camara K. Jordan was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she completed college and graduate school. She was proudly employed and personally and philosophically engaged with the Nidhamu Sasa Schule (an independent school) for 8 years which ended with the school’s closure. She remains involved with the founders and students of the school to date. 

Following those years, she worked for a total of 34 years in several non profit organizations including the American Heart Association, Travelers Aid Society and the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania where she has worked in non-profit capacity building for 22 of those years in fundraising and program management. 

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