The quest to rebuild the black teacher pipeline (ft. Sharif El-Mekki)


Episode Summary

Sharif El-Mekki, CEO of The Center for Black Educator Development, joins us to discuss the evolution of The Center, the quest to rebuild the Black teacher pipeline, and the state of education.

Episode Notes 

(1:20- 12:10) Sharif shares his history and how he came into teaching 

(12:20- 20:10) Why Sharif (and Shayna) created The Center for Black Educator Development 

(20:30- 33:20) Helping young people find their purpose 

(33:30- 45:20) What could education look like for Black children in this country 

(45:30- 49:00) What could the profession look like for Black teachers

(49:10- 1:00:45) Top 3 policies that could change the game for teacher diversity, black male teachers and teacher shortage

(1:00:46-1:10:45) Giving thanks 

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