S2E3: Mothers of the Movement (ft. Maisha Sullivan-Ongoza)

Host Shayna Terrell, Director of Pipeline Programming at the Center for Black Educator Development speaks with Maisha Sullivan-Ongoza about the role that Black mothers have historically played and continue to play in organizing, education, and achieving societal change.

The conversation also touches on black parenting, stereotypes of the Black community and finding ways to engage our children and make education more communal.

Maisha retired in 2014 from the Philadelphia Chapter of Say Yes to Education, Inc, which served as a Family Scholarship program and has served as adjunct professor at various universities in the Delaware Valley. She was also a popular radio talk show host for six years of “Fertile Ground” which focused on African American and African diaspora culture, history, communities and struggles.

She previously served as a Director within the Rendell mayoral administration in Philadelphia, PA, as part of the Mayor’s Children and Families Cabinet.