S2E16: Black August: The Celebration of Rebellion (ft. Dr. Greg Carr)

Resident Baba Dr. Greg Carr, Associate Professor at Howard University and host of "In Class with Carr," brings us a lesson on "Black August," a time that celebrates struggle and rebellion.

Dr. Carr gives us a history lesson on rebellions and revolutions and shares important historical rebellions that we should all know. He also describes the origins and history off Black August, and addresses the idea that it is an alternative to Black history Month.

Host Shayna Terrell and Dr. Carr discuss how teachers can make sure our youth are educated with an accurate depiction of what rebellion and resistance are. They list recommended books for English and history teachers to teach and talk about rebellion with their students?

Finally, Shayna And Dr. Carr discuss the commercialization of other movements and how we can avoid the same thing happening to "Black August."

Had you heard of Black August before today?