Recruiting, Revitalizing, and Retaining Teachers of Color (ft. Devin Morris)

Apr 20, 2023 6:23:35 PM

Building the Black Educator Pipeline is joined by Devin Morris, Co-Founder of "The Teachers' Lounge," an education-based nonprofit organization "seeking to drive unprecedented student outcomes by greatly diversifying the people, thoughts, and actions of the educational workforce in the Greater Boston Area and beyond.

Devin is also a member of the Commission on Black Men and Boys with the Boston Mayor’s Office. He joins the show to discuss the importance of teacher diversity and educational equity.   

In the episode, host Shayna Terrell and Devin discuss strategies that districts can implement to increase teacher diversity, as well as how to support teachers of color who enter the workforce. They discuss major reasons educators of color don't feel supported and what drives them to leave the profession. 

The conversation touches on policy and how we can hold legislators accountable when it comes to increasing the number of teachers of color. 

Tags: anti-racism, featured

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