S2E27: Believing in our leadership ability (ft. Amanda Fernandez)

Today we connect with Amanda Fernandez, Founder and CEO of Latinos for Education. We discuss the impact of Latino teachers and leaders on education. Learn more about Latinos for Education: https://www.latinosforeducation.org.

Episode Notes:

(1:00- 8:00) Amanda shares her life story and how her parents are at the core of why she does the work 

(8:10-15:30) Amanda talks about the work of Latinos for Education and why she saw the need to create a pathway for Latino leadership in school administration 

(15:50-18:00) Shayna and Amanda talk about the difference between “representing” and “speaking for” the community you belong to 

(18:00 - 26:00) Amanda discusses the challenges students and schools face from not having enough Latino representation 

(26:00 - 32:30) Shayna and Amanda celebrate Latino educators and the joy and culture they bring to schools and affirm families and students

 (32:30- 39:00) Amanda shares the policy work happening to recruit and retain Latino educators 

(39:00 - 48:30) Shayna and Amanda talk about the difference between Latino, Latinx and Hispanic. What it means for Amanda to be white presenting but Latina

(48:30- 54:00) Shayna and Amanda talk about Black and Brown allyship and shared common ancestry 

Show Contributors:
Shayna Terrell 
Amanda Fernandez

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