E4: Why the Education Department Scrapped a Parent Council

Brightbeam CEO Chris Stewart chats with Keri Rodrigues, president of the National Parents Union on how a group of conservative parents recently got the Department of Education to disband a parent council. Learn more about the controversy here.

Episode Notes:

(3:00-9:00) how the parent council was started and why Miguel Cardona folded under the pressure of a lawsuit from conservative parents

(10:00 - 17:50) Keri and Chris express disappointment in President Biden and Secretary Cardona for failing parents on the ground, the cost of that failure…and what Trump would have done.

(18:00- 30:00)  the intersection of power, interests, elections and where that puts parents and families.

(30:00-45:00) what’s going right and wrong in schools with student achievement 

Show Contributors:
Keri Rodrigues
Chris Stewart