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SHARE: Secretary of Education Cardona, #BackOff Charter School Attacks


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I stand with parents and their right to more, not fewer quality educational options for their children. @SecCardona, #BackOff the attacks on charter schools and support all parents and students in their educational journey. (CLICK TO TWEET)

Taking away options from families of color in search of the best way to educate their children is NOT how you properly serve this nation's students.

That's why we're partnering with the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools to call on Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona to #BackOff from attacks and over-regulation of the charter sector. 

We stand with parents and recognize that they deserve more options, not fewer when it comes to deciding their child's educational future. 

Public charter schools present an additional option to millions of families, especially Black, Brown and low-income parents who have often been failed by traditional district schools. And yet, Secretary Cardona and the Department of Education are proposing new regulations that would make it harder for charter schools to serve the families who need them. 

Stand with parents and demand that Secretary Cardona #BackOff and support all public school parents and students.