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Teacher Voices: 3 E4E members Share Their Perspectives on Friedrichs v. CTA

Evan Stone and Sydney Morris have authored a short blog explaining how their organization, Educators 4 Excellence, took a position on Friedrichs v. CTA, and offer up three of their members' perspectives on the case. Steve Fouts of Chicago, Camila Correa of New York, and Tom Rademacher of Minnesota have all written about how they see the case and why they've taken the positions they have, providing more perspectives to help folks understand and form opinions about this incredibly important and complex case. As Rademacher writes:
I can see how forcing union dues serves the union and not students, how this conversation has too much to do with adults and adult needs. It would be nice if we could separate the needs of students from the needs of the union, and in too many cases they are different and opposing, but it’s not quite that simple.
Evan Stone is co-founder and co-chief executive officer of Educators for Excellence. Previously, Evan taught sixth grade in the Bronx, New York, while earning his master's degree in teaching from Pace University. While teaching, Evan helped co-found E4E with colleague, Sydney Morris.

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