More Than 330,000 of Chicago's Children Didn't Learn Today Because of CPS's Staggering Lack of Planning

Once again, drama is flaring over Chicago Public Schools’ management of the pandemic. In the city of Chicago, more than 330,000 children are not learning today because last night, teachers voted to...

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student support

POLL: L.A. Families Want Equity and Accountability From Next Superintendent

Sometime this winter, a new superintendent will take the helm of the Los Angeles Unified School District. According to a new poll commissioned by Great Public Schools Now in partnership with Families...

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Special Education

The Gifted and Talented Debates Aren't About Rigor They're About Access

An interesting, complicated, and rather polarizing trend is going around in American education, and it has to do with special admission schools and the designation of “gifted and talented.” Around...

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student achievement

I Believe in Public Schools, But They Just Weren't Working for My Son

“The wolf took one last look at his mother and father…” My son is reading aloud in the other room. I hear his little voice recounting the story of a wolf who became the first wild wolf in California...

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public schools

Want to Restore Public Trust in Our Schools? Local News Can Help.

More than 50.7 million students will be enrolled in the United States public school system by 2022, according to federal predictions. Many of those students live in cities facing challenges of...

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America’s Rural Schools May Not Be Tragic, but They Have Known Tragedy

Maybe this is the turning point. Education advocacy is exhausting — particularly in rural communities like mine, where our opportunities are limited and our challenges are unique. A myriad of...

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