Brightbeam’s List of the Top 30 Education Influencers of 2021

It’s been a wild year for education, from unprecedented federal investments in our nation’s kids via the American Rescue Plan to endless conversations on critical race theory. Throughout it all there...

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remote learning

Want to Stop the Spread? Close Bars and Let Kindergartners Eat Inside

As we enter the second winter of COVID, we know that cases will rise as people spend more time indoors and gather for the holidays. Even with extremely effective vaccines and booster doses widely...

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Rural Schools

America’s Rural Schools May Not Be Tragic, but They Have Known Tragedy

Maybe this is the turning point. Education advocacy is exhausting — particularly in rural communities like mine, where our opportunities are limited and our challenges are unique. A myriad of...

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Why We Can’t Just Shut Up and Teach

It is no easy thing to help high school students become better critical thinkers. Especially now. The very act of engaging students in the events of the world and helping them to understand and...

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Special Education

Bookmonsters Offers Helpful and Important Advice For Parents, But Here’s What It Won’t Tell You

There is no shortage of reading material on what parents can do to help their children learn to read. For some useful information, Natalie Wexler has authored “The Knowledge Gap” as well as a blog...

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We Will Not Shy Away From Teaching Our History

During their senior year, all scholars at all of Democracy Prep’s schools take a rigorous year-long course called Sociology of Change. For the first half of the year, our scholars study...

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