A Letter From Brightbeam in Response to Coronavirus

Dear Friends and Fellow Activists, Our brightbeam team cares about your safety and ours. Like you, we are closely watching the national news and government reports about the coronavirus (COVID-19) so...

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How Coronavirus Could Impact Our Most Vulnerable Students

The coronavirus is here in America and it is spreading. Around the world in countries such as Italy and China, cases and death rates are rapidly increasing and lockdowns are underway. We’re hopefully...

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Two Years Since Marjory Stoneman Douglas and State Legislatures Are Still Trying to Arm Teachers

It’s been just over two years since the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and I struggle to find an appropriate word to describe how we remember. We need a better word for referring to...

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Achievement Gap

5 Education Reports That Defined the Decade

The decade is coming to a close, but don’t expect the issues raised around education in the 2010s to be swept under the rug. Although the world has technically been in the age of information since...

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Special Education

May This Next Decade See Fewer School Shootings

[pullquote position="right"]Guns and violence have been a part of my teaching experience from the beginning.[/pullquote] During my first year of teaching, I was a substitute teacher working with an...

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opportunity gap

You Can Call It a 'Lost Decade,' But I See a Lot of Good Things Happening

The spin never stops when it comes to education and it goes into overdrive with the close of a decade. Amidst all the hype of a lost decade and the need for humility from education reformers,...

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