Can We Just Trade Betsy for LeBron?

Jun 7, 2018 12:00:00 AM

by Tanesha Peeples

Outrage: Somebody Needs to Get Betsy

I’m so tired of Betsy showing up in my newsfeed every week. This time, she and the Department of Education are being sued by the NAACP and a couple of other civil rights organizations because they don’t want to be bothered with resolving past complaints of racial and disability discrimination. At this point, we can probably just throw Betsy away. Clearly she’s going to keep living her best life regardless of what happens with our kids. The NAACP and other civil rights organizations can sue the government all day, and even if they win I’m not sure it matters because apparently lawmakers have plenty of money to blow. So where’s the Senate Education Committee on this? Why isn’t Trump’s daughter, Ivanka (who is the only one bearing that last name that gives me any hope at sanity), saying anything? I said it once and I’ll say it again: Betsy DeVos is a danger to education and a danger to our children. A week or two ago, she pretty much gave ICE a hall pass to go into schools and communities and harass Latino families and only recently backpedaled after pushback. Now they’re dismissing the complaints of disabled and students of color. When will it end? Or better yet, who’s going to stop it?

Hope: King James, the Activist and Educator

I’m not going to lie—I’m getting tired of seeing the Cavs and Golden State in the NBA playoffs every year. And if J.R. Smith holds another ball or if the Cavs lose another game, LeBron may peace out on Cleveland—again. But no matter where he is or who he’s playing for, LeBron is always holding it down for Black people. Especially our youth. The other day Trump got in his feelings about only 10 of the Philadelphia Eagles coming to the White House and he canceled their visit altogether. In a press conference, LeBron was asked how he felt about the situation. LeBron’s willingness to stand up for what’s right and his consistent efforts to support kids makes me excited about the school he’s opening. I’m hoping that his school models his ideals on and off the court. Excellence, high standards, activism and pride. Because the kids who attend—and even kids around the country who won’t attend—are paying close attention to his character and not just his athletic talents.
Photos by Gage Skidmore, Keith Allison, CC-licensed.

Tanesha Peeples

Tanesha Peeples is driven by one question in her work—“If not me, then who?” As the former Deputy Director of Activist Development for brightbeam, Tanesha merges the worlds of communications and grassroots activism to push for change in the public education system. Her passion for community and relentless mission for justice and liberation drive her in uplifting and amplifying the voices and advocacy of those that are often ignored. Tanesha wholeheartedly believes that education is the foundation for success. Her grand vision is one where everyone—regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender or ZIP code—can have access to a comfortable quality of life and enjoy the freedoms and liberties promised to all Americans. And that's what she works towards every day.

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