Tillie Elvrum

Tillie Elvrum is a school choice advocate and education consultant specializing in parent engagement and online learning. She served as president of the National Coalition for Public School Options, currently serves as board president of the Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families, she is the School Community Director for StrongMind, and leads the Parent Support for Online Learning initiative. She resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Posts By Tillie Elvrum


Pandemic Virtual Learning Was Chaotic, But Choking Off Quality Virtual Learning Won't Help Us Now

As a longtime online education parent and advocate, I hate to admit most of my fears about remote learning during the pandemic came true. The implementation was uneven and chaotic, and as a result,...

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Districts Should Partner With Experienced Online Learning Providers and Save Us From a Train Wreck of a School Year

Last March, when so much of our lives moved from in-person work and learning to digital spaces, one group of students and teachers experienced continuity: Full-time online public school students. In...

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