School Choice

Black Families Have a Long History of Using School Choice as Resistance to Racist and Inadequate School Systems

National School Choice Week is an independent public awareness effort spotlighting effective education options for children, including traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet...

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Black Teachers Make Their Colleagues Better Educators of Black Students

Black teachers are powerful. Black teachers propel the learning and broader success of their students. New research shows that they also improve the racial competency of their white colleagues....

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Independence Has Always Been a Day Late and a Dollar Short for Black People, But Schools Can Change That

What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? Frederick Douglass On June 19, 1865, two years after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing (only) some of the enslaved, Union Major...

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racial bias

School Leaders, What are You Doing About Your Schools’ Racial Bias?

It’s 8:45 a.m. on a Tuesday. Do you know where your school’s culture is on the continuum of cultural proficiency? Is it trending towards proficiency or cultural destructiveness? Where (in your...

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4 Ways We Can Support Muslim Students During Ramadan and Year-Round

When I attended Overbrook High School, a neighborhood public school in west Philadelphia, in the 80s, it felt like there were few Muslims there and I was related to all of them. With my maternal...

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Here’s What Teachers of Color Need From Their Principals

We need Black teachers. We need brown teachers. We need Indigenous teachers. We need more teachers of color across the board. More than half of public school enrollees are students of color, but...

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