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Rob Samuelson is a Staff Writer at Education Post and Digital Media Manager for the brightbeam network.

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NASA’s Diana Trujillo Didn’t Just Put Perseverance on Mars. She’s Leading the Way for Underrepresented STEM Students.

NASA Flight Director Diana Trujillo put the Perseverance rover on Mars last month. Not only did it look super cool, but successfully landing a spacecraft on Mars has proven nearly impossible to...

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AOC Is Tutoring a First Grader

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is highlighting an old, but never out of fashion, kind of public service: Tutoring kids. The second-term congresswoman tweeted that she has been matched with a...

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As Grown-Ups Argue Over Reopening Schools, Chicago's Kids Lose

Chicago Public Schools students are back in school. Well, some of them are. It’s complicated, and getting messier by the minute. WBEZ Chicago has more on the fight between teachers and schools on...

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5 Resources to Help Students Feel Seen This Transgender Awareness Week

No group of human beings is a monolith. Transgender students are no exception to that. This Transgender Awareness Week (and all weeks) it’s on us as cisgender adults to do the work to learn how cool...

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England's Kids Are Getting an Army of Tutors While American Kids Wait

Students in the United Kingdom will have an extra resource as they head back to school: a $450 million national tutoring program that Chalkbeat’s Matt Barnum describes as “an army of tutors.” The...

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How We Covered the Biggest Education News of the Decade

Education Post is not a news organization. We focus on sharing the personal stories of the people who live and work within the nation’s education system and connecting them with others who have ideas...

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