Marcos Melendez

Marcos Melendez is an Ed Post Editorial Intern and a senior at Northwestern University majoring in Journalism and Psychology. His topics of interest include mental health and wellbeing, equity and inclusion, and political advocacy.

Posts By Marcos Melendez

New Hampshire’s Tutoring Deal Could Be a Big Waste of Money

School districts across the United States have been tapping tutoring services for additional support as part of an overarching effort to help students recover from learning losses suffered by...

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Parents and Teachers Don't Have to Know Tennis--But Using a Serve-And-Return Game Can Support Children's Development

Research and experts say that "attentive caretakers" can make a tremendous difference in children's lives. Growing up surrounded by emotionally responsive, usually-attentive caretakers helps children...

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The World Is Driving Gen Z Crazy, and They're Ready to Fight Back

Gen Z is battling a mental health crisis unseen by previous generations. When asked how often their mental health was “not good” in the last 30 days (defined as experiencing stress, anxiety, or...

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