Back to School

The Back to School Lists Hide What Really Matters

I have always struggled with back-to-school anxiety. From my earliest memories of elementary school to my days teaching middle and high school math, I have always been stressed to the point of...

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low income

Don’t Buy Into the Hype Around Learning Loss

I get it: “learning loss” is scary. Considering the unprecedented overuse of the word “unprecedented” to describe what our nation’s K-12 education system has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, we...

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Here's Why 'No Politics in the Classroom' Isn't Working for Marginalized Students

Which of the following is too political to be displayed in a public school teacher’s classroom? We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. One nation, under God, with...

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Implicit bias

Forget Implicit Bias, Let’s Talk about Explicit Bias in Education

Last month I kicked off a training on ways to use language as an asset to unleash the critical thinking potential of English learners with a question: Why do so many educators struggle to teach...

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Achievement Gap

When Love Is Grounded in the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations, It’s the Wrong Kind of Love

Teachers love their students. We see the joy they show every year as students return back to school, despite constant beat downs on their profession and struggles for fairer pay. We see it when they...

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educational equity

Here's the One Thing You Haven't Heard About LeBron's New School

As a sports fan, there are few moments of near unanimous consensus of an athlete’s greatness. But with LeBron James’ unprecedented decision to open the I Promise school in his old neighborhood and...

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