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After We Impeach Trump, Let's Impeach All These Other Politicians for Their High Crimes Against Education

Impeachment hearings are underway. In case you’ve been under a rock for the past few months, a whistleblower dropped a bomb that blew up Trump’s plan to cancel political rival Joe Biden’s presidential campaign by trying to get dirt on Biden’s son from the Ukranian government.


Normally I’d be all into this stuff but honestly, I’m at the point where I’m tired of all things Trump—his presidency, his racism, his stupidity, his wig, his kids, his small, creepy hands, Trump Tower staring at me when I go downtown, MAGA fanatics—all of it. 

But while we’re on the subject of impeachment, wouldn’t it be nice if we could make elected officials face some kind of justice for their egregious crimes against the communities they’re supposed to serve—specifically students and families of color? Because I have a few people on my list of offenders who need to be lined up right behind Trump.

Democratic senator and presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren is up first. I used to like Liz. But ever since she launched this assault on school choice in her education plan, I’ve been cool on her. To me, this is an attack on my community, our rights and as Chris Stewart says, a plan that’ll make the achievement gap permanent.


Interestingly, Andre Perry wrote this piece that rails against the school choice movement, saying Elizabeth’s education plan recognizes community needs.


How, Andre? Because this poll says that 78% of Americans support school choice and three out of four people believe parents should be able to choose what school their child goes to. So if the majority of the country supports school choice, wouldn’t Elizabeth’s plan go against the needs and wants of the community? 

And just to show you how much Black and Brown parents care about their right to choose, a group of them are raising money as we speak to go find Liz and tell her how much they hate her plan.


I mean, how could Warren say, “... every kid deserves the same access to a high-quality education, regardless of where they live” then turn around and try to disempower those families by taking away their right to choose and limiting access to the schools most utilized by low-income communities? Sounds ass-backward to me.


Let me get off Elizabeth and get on Betsy DeVos. 

I’m accusing Betsy of high crimes against Black and Brown students because she either doesn’t have a clue or doesn't have a care in the world. She should’ve never been appointed as Secretary of Education—her oblivion is a danger in itself. 

Even though Betsy has been low-key these past couple of months, I still haven’t forgotten about how she rescinded several Obama era guidelines that protected students with special needs and students of color from discriminatory practices in schools. And not to mention that she’s delayed research to find out if these same students are under or over-identified for special education classes.

I don’t know if she’s taking orders directly from the Oval Office or if she’s really Trump’s evil second cousin who also believes in making life hard for poor and non-White people, but her policies are detrimental to underserved communities.

So since I’m still pissed about those rollbacks, Betsy can get in line right behind Liz.

Last on my list is the Supreme Court. Right now they’re arguing over whether or not to keep Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)—the Obama era program that allows people brought to the U.S. illegally as children to stay in the U.S. and continue to work and go to school—and this NPR article says that they might be siding with Trump.


Meanwhile, students all across the country have rallied at their state capitals to fight for their education, their jobs and basically, their lives. In her tweet below, Josselyn Rendon says, “We’re not criminals. I have a clean record and I’m just trying to get an education.”


I don’t know about y’all, but I’m sickened by this. And at this point, no one should question Trump’s hate for people of color because he’s gone this far to remove and keep people out of this country that was built by immigrants. 

So I have spots on reserve for any justices that rule to rescind the program because they would be a stain on the American flag right next to Donald.

In real life, I wish we could impeach all of the raggedy elected officials and get them removed from office immediately. It’s right up there with my fantasy of pulling all Black and Brown students from traditional public schools to turn the system upside down. 

But what it all boils down to is this: We have to be more diligent in our civic engagement. We don’t have to go through this much stress and hardship if we put the right people in office.

Remember that when local and national elections roll around.

Tanesha Peeples
Tanesha Peeples is driven by one question in her work—“If not me, then who?” As the former Deputy Director of Activist Development for brightbeam, Tanesha merges the worlds of communications and grassroots activism to push for change in the public education system. Her passion for community and relentless mission for justice and liberation drive her in uplifting and amplifying the voices and ...

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