Episode 05: A Trip to Planet Mom (ft. Erika Sanzi and Keri Rodrigues)

Today on the podcast we're talking to two amazing moms of school kids, Erika Sanzi and Keri Rodrigues. How Erika and Keri do it all is beyond us, but in this episode, we dive into everything from advocating for kids to trying to find some down time with three boys running around the house. Erika Sanzi lives in Rhode Island, is a former teacher and school board member, and the mother of three boys. She writes about education issues on her blog Good School Hunting as well as blogging on Education Post. Keri Rodrigues lives in Massachusetts and is also the mother of three boys. She is the founder and Mom-in-Chief of Massachusetts Parents United, a parent advocacy group, and she writes about education and parenting topics at EduMom.org. Erika and Keri recently launched Planet Mom Radio, their own platform for talking about a parent’s perspective of public education. In the interview, we mention that the podcast is forthcoming, but you can listen to their first episode now! [spp-player url=http://traffic.libsyn.com/voices4ed/05_-_Voices4ED_-_Education_Post_-_Planet_Mom.mp3] [spp-tweet tweet="Parents need to participate and make sure our voices are heard. Policy implementation can fall flat if you don’t have the buy-in of parents and the community. —@radiokeri"]

Episode Details:

  • Lane and Ikhlas’s talk about their moms 1:04
  • Erika Sanzi and Keri Rodrigues join us on the show 9:47
  • Why Erika and Keri started thinking about our schools and how to make them better 11:12
  • The craziest school fiascos that Keri and Erika have experienced with their kids 18:24
  • How to know when parent-teacher relationships are working 29:08
  • How to know if your kids' school is good or not 39:08
  • What Erika and Keri do in their downtime 50:57
[spp-tweet tweet="What your kid needs changes over time. For me, I wanted a school that had high expectations, to know that my children were being challenged. —@esanzi"]

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