S1E6: How Black Teachers Can Tell the Truth About Thanksgiving

Why do we continue perpetuate lies through our education system? This is the question that guided this throwback episode of BTBEP, originally live-streamed ahead of Thanksgiving in 2021. 

Join us in this classic episode of Building the Black Educator Pipeline where Dr. Greg Carr joined host Shayna Terrell to discuss the importance of always including historical context in the classroom.

In the episode, Shayna and Dr. Carr discuss the tradition of lying to students about the history of the nation and the role educators play in making sure our students are presented with the truth.

Listen in to get the real story of Thanksgiving and contrast it with the one often told to young people. Dr. Carr also breaks down the motivation certain educators as well as the system of education as a whole have for perpetuating lies to students about American history. Shayna and Dr. Carr also discuss resources for examining and telling the truth in the classroom.

Finally, the episode touches on how we can honor our Native American family and promote their legacy and contributions.

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